Diagnosing Hysteria in Lebanon: Psychologizing Women and Gender

"Look, a hysterical woman" said Charcot,

Lamia Moghnieh

When I was doing my dissertation research a couple of years ago on the types of humanitarian psychological interventions flourishing in Lebanon since the July war in 2006, I observed group therapies of Arab and Lebanese women, where they were taught to understand their behaviors, emotions and ‘culture’ in term of hysteria[1]. These group therapies were part of psychological education for lower-middle class women and refugees.  The psychologist’s narrative during this group therapy went something like this: women in Lebanon and the Arab world are hysterical, if you compare them with other women abroad. Usually in this part of the world, women tend to express too many emotions. Hysteria is usually a women disorder”.

In multiple times during these sessions, the psychologist used hysteria to make women aware of the pathological and extreme affect they engage in culturally, and to advance a more moderate, modern and reflective psychological way of being. Cultural and political events like weddings, funerals, dramatic Turkish Soap Opera and recent protests in the Arab world were evoked to show how women’s affective and behavioral reactions were exaggerated and over the top. “Psychologists call this mass hysteria” he added.

I spoke with several psychologists and psychiatrists about the issue of diagnosing women with in Lebanon. They all confirmed that hysteria is consistently used as a clinical condition to diagnose women, since it is still adopted by universal diagnostic manuals that aim to classify and diagnose psychological disorders (and by universal, I mean mostly American and Canadian manuals). One psychologist argued that hysteria is still being used as a clinical condition for women, especially in the Middle East, quoting outdated and highly problematic studies that link hysterectomy surgeries and hysteria.

Lebanese psychologists and psychiatrists seem to rely uncritically and perhaps heavily on a diagnosis like hysteria in Lebanon. The same “disorder” was also used to train social workers and other professionals in Lebanon on detecting psychological problems in their centers and referring them to experts for treatment. Questions like: “do you think this woman can have hysteria?” were asked to train these mental health practitioners on the condition. Hysteria seems to be a non-problematic diagnosis for Lebanese psychiatrists and psychologists, used by them as a scientifically valid category.  But given the history of psychiatry in over-pathologizing women and normalizing them within the limits of their proper gender roles, perhaps it is important to refocus our critical gaze into the work of Lebanese psychiatry and psychology, and inquire into the ways in which these disciplines and practices understand, diagnose and treat women psychologically.

The history of hysteria as a women disorder is complicated, extensive, bizarre and oppressive. It has been linked to psychoanalysis, vibrators, radical feminism (which reclaimed hysteria and feminine hysterics as the true and radical expression of feminism[2]) and wondering wombs. It is also part of an intimate relationship between psychiatry/psychoanalysis and women’s vaginas, psyches, gender role behaviors and emotions. Hysteria has moved from 19th century Europe to the United States, as psychological disorders took on a more biomedical and symptomatic form with the rise of pharmaceutical industries. It became grouped within the American Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM), the universally used American classifications of psychological disorders.

The American anti-psychiatry movements that combined feminist and other social-political groups in the 60s and 70s criticized the oppressive employment of psychiatry, thereby influencing the discipline and challenging its scientific and universal categories. Work by Jonathan Metzl have shown how the diagnosis of schizophrenia in the 60s for example mainly targeted Black American protesters during the civil rights movements[3]. He has also shown how the rise in pharmaceutical drugs served to regulate and treat bad housewives, single and queer women, as psychiatric pharmaceuticals were used to restrain female sexuality.[4]As a result of many critiques and attacks, “female Hysteria” as a disorder was removed from the DSM[5] in the 1980s. However,  parts of the assumptions and principles around the outdated disorder can still be found in what is now called “conversion disorder[6]” and in what the DSM classifies as personality disorders, the “histrionic personality disorder”, or what Metzl calls “ the modern day diagnosis of Hysteria”[7].

These kinds of ‘personality disorders’ have been critiqued within psychiatric circles and beyond[8]. However they seem to be non-critically employed in Lebanon without any obvious justification. How is Hysteria being diagnosed? Is this diagnosis more prominent for lower-income women for example? What kind of emotions become detected as hysterical by the psychiatrist? All these questions must be raised and a dialogue must be opened to address the issue of gendered diagnoses in Lebanon.

The intention of this piece is to point out that Lebanese psychology and psychiatry today, both informed by western American and French schools of psychology, are detached from any kind of critique and social histories of oppression, especially that of women. One of the points I am suggesting in my dissertation is that there seems to be a tight relationship between the increase in the forms of NGO-ization in Lebanon and the psychologization of different groups deemed vulnerable, like refugees, prisoners, war-affected communities, and women.  Psychology and psychiatry in Lebanon today have been expanding their governance since the July war[9]. There is now a serious move and an organization within the disciplines towards drafting and presenting a mental health law to the Lebanese government[10]. A project is also underway with the ministry of health to incorporate mental health care in primary healthcare facilities throughout the country[11]. It is probably a good time for Lebanese psychiatry to get a training itself on the ways in which gender constructs frame and delineate certain psychiatric diagnoses and produce specific definitions of pathology and normality.

[1] A very quick and accessible definition and history of Hystera can be found in this website http://www.gradesaver.com/dora-an-analysis-of-a-case-of-hysteria/study-guide/the-history-of-hysteria

[2]« Où sont-elles passées les hystériques de jadis,” asked Jacques Lacan in 1977, “ces femmes merveilleuses, les Anna O., les Emmy von N.?... Qu’est-ce qui remplace aujourd’hui les symptômes hystériques d’autrefois?” [“Where have they gone, the hysterics of yesteryear … those amazing women, the Anna O.s, the Emmy von N.s? What is there now to take the place of the hysterical symptoms of long ago?”] We might answer that the despised hysterics of yesteryear have been replaced by the feminist radicals of today”. Elaine Showalter 1993, in Chapter four  “Hysteria, Feminism, and Gender” of the book “Hysteria Beyond Freud” http://www.amazon.com/Hysteria-Beyond-Freud-Sander-Gilman/dp/0520080645/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429109074&sr=8-1&keywords=hysteria+beyond+freud

[3] Jonathan Metzl. 2011. The Protest Diagnosis: How Schizophrenia Became a Black Disease http://www.amazon.com/Protest-Psychosis-Schizophrenia-Became-Disease/dp/0807001279/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

[4] Jonathan Metzl. 2005. Prozac on the Couch: Prescribe Gender in the Era of Wonder Drugs http://www.amazon.com/Prozac-Couch-Prescribing-Gender-Wonder/dp/0822335247/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

[5]Lebanese psychiatrists used the DSM regularly in hospitals and clinics and are trained to use it in universities like AUB

[7] Jonathan Metzl, 2011, p.229

[8] Power, selfhood and identify: a feminist critique of Borderline Personality Disorder http://www.ssa.uchicago.edu/power-selfhood-and-identity-feminist-critique-borderline-personality-disorder

A Feminist critique of Personality Disorders, Laura Brown in “Personality and psychopathology: Feminist reappraisals http://www.amazon.com/Personality-Psychopathology-Laura-Brown-ABPP/dp/0898625009/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429110151&sr=8-1&keywords=personality+and+psychopathology%3A+feminist+reappraisals

[9] “Patrick Adams. 2011. “In Lebanon, Mental Health is on the mend”, World Report, The Lancet, Vol 377




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with the emotional appeal of Trump's "Buy America" refrains, support for his tariffs appears to stretch

well beyond union halls, despite the potential economic downsides.

When Trump visited the state last week to deliver a speech

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I have yet to start chatting with any of the advocates around here, i would love to though.

I do know glitter though she got me active on this site and i love

this site thanx to her. Don't ever let your work become your life.

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told news reporters that they were aware of the dispute between the men, but

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The teenager's wounds are not considered life threatening, he said..

That I don't wear my actual meausured bra size which is a 34A, big whoop,

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Wild, right? We thought so, too. So we kinda laughed them

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It's definitely going to be crunch time to see how you handle things, but there

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Spacey started performing at The Old Vic in the 1990s and served

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679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1

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I had a crush on Jessica (a girl, obviously). And at first it was

"Jessica??" and I'd say "yeah, Jessica" and they said

"do you still have that crush on Joe?" And I'd say

"yup" and they'd say "cool, does she like you?" and I'd shrug.

It was really easy for me because I was hanging out with

the theater/artist kids, where it wasn't unusual for guys to wear skirts or same sex kissing or anythign like that.

This is fairly cheap (especially if you get a store

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I did dampen the inside part and rub it on my skin, just

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The metal snaps close quite securely, and take definite tugging to unsnap, especially if you

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concerned. She needs someone to help her.

Im just glad she never got you involved with her drugs.

If you need to talk respond.

cock ring My boyfriend and I have been very safe (have

taken STD tests etc.) and use condoms, and birth control.

However this upcoming weekend I'm supposed to start my placebo week of pills.

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sex toys If nothing else, this type of hub is actually forced due to

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Translates to about $550 more per year for one person, and that could be a real barrier to healthy eating.

For other people, $1.50 is less than they spend on their morning cup of coffee.

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It is attached to the battery unit, which is 3.5" long and 4" in circumference (more than 1.25" in diameter). There are two buttons located on the front of this unit. On the very bottom you can see this little tab that says "open", and

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The weight is coming off and now I only drink water or certain Teas and am

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(Hey it was badass back in the day. cock ring

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Any warmth is barely noticeable, even if you let it run for quite some time.

The controls are simple. Book 'em Danno. The University of

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Slavette was the name given to me by my first master. He (jokingly) announced that slaves had to be at least 5'2" tall, so I was a slavette because I didn't make the height requirement. So even though this lingerie set wasn't exactly "flattering" to my body type, I don't regret getting it. I feel sexy in it, regardless, and my boyfriend loves me in it. But I digress. strap on

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penis pump And just remember that if you want to amp up the effectiveness of your condoms, you have a few non hormonal options. You could get a diaphragm to pair with them, for instance, or, if you're okay with spermicides (a lot of people are sensitive to them), you can use a spermicidal film or foam with the condoms. And just being sure to use them with plenty of lubricant in and of itself increases their effectiveness.. Psychiatrist Gail Saltz goes even further, saying that sex addiction fit into numerous diagnoses: OCD, bipolar disorder, various personality disorders, etc. The goal is to help a patient see the cost, and to treat the larger diagnosis and the symptom itself. Most important is to avoid seeing a label as any sort of absolution from responsibility, the responsibility to get treatment and stop being destructive to yourself and others penis pump.

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We all have vast areas of ignorance. "Dolphins with cybernetic attachments" is

one of mine. ;). And then we have asexuals and the rest of the gray scale identifying spectrum.

Their orientation is purely based on sexual desire, not romantic attraction. So bottom

line, it a confusing concept.

human hair wigs The casino also features a 4,500 square foot

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In addition to holding boxing matches since the late 1970s, Caesars also hosted the Caesars

Palace Grand Prix from 1981 to 1982. Notable entertainers who have performed at Caesars Palace include Frank

Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Bette Midler, Cher, Elton John,

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hair extensions In the 1970s, Arnaz co hosted a week of shows with daytime host and producer Mike Douglas.

Vivian Vance appeared as a guest. Arnaz also headlined a Kraft Music Hall special on NBC that featured his two children, with a brief appearance by

Vance. Unfortunately most black women I see come like that so I can go ruling out a large

segment of potentials just because of that, even though I

don like it but there it is. When you look at what it actually is, Koreans and Pakistanis selling the hair of Indian street peasants to

black western women to make them less embarrassed

about looking black. It really stupid.. hair extensions

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I could not bring myself to watch the first season of Rock of Love.

You may have noticed that I said first season. Yes,

there was not only a second season but airing now is a third season!.

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Supposedly, he's been trying to clean up his image some lately and not be seen as such a jerk to put it nicely.

It would be great to see the young man transition nicely from teen idol to respected to adult music artist.

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cut from the end, meaning there no resolution. That a hot mess.

It a terrible way to tell a story.. Nothing he is doing would make him "look like Rich Piana".

To even think that unironically, with upvote support, shows that this sub has basically turned into a caricature of itself.

One of the top upvoted comments suggests

he on tren, a 100% bodybuilder steroid which absolutely

works to the opposite of the goals he aiming for.. cheap

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The actual amnio wasn bad thanks to my heavenly massage but when I stood up after

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to have their voices heard.I had a thought

the other day that could be just completely stupid, but I will throw it out there anyway.

I figure since getting the supreme court to stop seeing corporations as a

person would be a huge undertaking, we should try to at least get something in place that brings back

limits to their contributions. One idea I had was that no corporation should be allowed to contribute more money to

a campaign than it does in taxes for that

year. wigs online

human hair wigs Moore's family lived on Ocean Parkway in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. Her paternal great grandfather Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Tilghman Moore owned the house which is

now the Stonewall Jackson's Headquarters Museum in Winchester, Virginia.[16] When she was eight years old, Moore's family moved

to Los Angeles at the recommendation of Moore's uncle,

an MCA employee.[17] She was raised Catholic,[18]

and attended St. Rose of Lima Parochial School in Brooklyn until the third grade.

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human hair wigs I too have had to breastfeed while on the toilet but not

a child who could walk. My baby was just a few months old.

But I had to during many other awkward moments too. And now,

being a minority, this person feels like they have something

to prove. A good chunk of latinos in Miami were violently for Bush and Trump because they do

not see themselves as being targeted because they do

not see themselves as the same as a minority group.Don believe me?

Try getting a Cuban, an Argentinian, and a Mexican in a room to

say they all the same race. Within five minutes the Cuban and Argentinian will

have been jerks to the Mexican then be arguing

over who is whiter than who.Americans really don believe me when I say the US is ahead of

its neighbours in the Americas in regards to race relations.

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U Tip Extensions The whole thing was super fun, tbh, because everyone at

the summer school is like interested in a really specific set of topics (mathy

CS Philosophy logic stuff, broadly defined, with some science people too), so it's really cool meeting

other people who have those interests. So we all stayed up

late in the community lounge playing cards and board games and chatting about applying

to grad school and what our experiences in our fields were.

Like, one day I was in Starbucks in like January (graduating

in like May), and I started crying because

I was worried I would move somewhere new and

wouldn make friends with the baristas.. U Tip Extensions

lace front wigs Seems odd for Ru to do her like that.

Maybe it because she friends with Willam ;)Not to discount everything

you saying, but let me give you a little tip. Part of what makes Ru an excellent radio/podcast host

is because he gives the other guests/hosts the room to participate and be themselves.

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I Tip extensions What he wanted was the experience of the barrister he was asking.why should this be the first thing to cross your or the barrister mind?Who said that it was?

And as a matter of fact, it wasn the first thing to cross

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But it seems to me the barrister was trying to give any insight that he could to the user

as to why it might have been difficult for her.

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tape in extensions God bless the noise machine.

Contrary to popular belief, quiet is the enemy of you and your

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It a pessimistic answer to HM, in my eyes.

Benjamin villain has won, the world has ended, it

all gone downhill and we got no choice but to escape to our happy, uplifting dreams.

Like 2 D says, "the moments we are happiest, are the moments we don exist" the only

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IP: Logged I am so sorry you have to go through what you are.

Pregnancy especially when it is accidental is something that is INCREDIBLY hard on any couple.

Often, a lot of the anger and resentment stems from

the fact that only one person does carry it and make the ultimate choices.

As far as physical relationships go, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Everyone has some detail about their bodies or

personalities that they may not like; and that I think is

normal. Try to think more positively of yourself; and perhaps

this fear of what the other person might think would diminish a little bit.

Adult Toys I feel the skirt would stretch to fit

about 4 5 more inches around. You will not be able to hide any flaws with this set!Hand

wash in cold water using a gentle detergent and

air dry. I had two of the elastic bands come off the material during the

wash and had to sew them back on. After he died, my mother told me that he actually admired what I did and would like to have done something like it himself.

I felt bad for him that he hadn't told me himself. My parents were victims of their own puritanical conditioning.

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vibrators Not all women who like g spot stimulation have orgasms from it.

It varies a lot. Like Beppie said, stimulating the clitoris is usually a lot more reliable in terms of getting you off..

In "Girls" Season 1, Allison Williams' character Marnie

masturbates in a public bathroom after hanging out with a sexy artist.

The scene made OK Magazine's list of"The 5 Most Scandalous Scenes From HBO's 'Girls' So Far,'"and New York Magazine asked Allison Williams how she "prepared"for it.

(To her credit Williams told NYMag that she was "sort of fascinated that it's being made into a thing.") The pilot of "Reign" a CW show

included a very brief scene of Kenna, a teen lady in waiting, starting to get herself off.


dildo I swear I can't recall. That happened over 4 yrs

ago. We no longer sleep with the other guy and I have NEVER played with anyone else without

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sections, but will reiterate how nice it is to relax

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You should also take a shower if you can after using the oil.

Thing is that cocks are tough in many ways, but also sensitive.

While some careful, precise, and only occasional use of

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sex shop Jones had been born in the house, which may have been the

oldest in this small Welsh seaside town, a neighbortold the British newspaper.

Sheused to live there with her husband, but he died

years ago. After that, it was justher and her

daughter Valerie Jones 87 and 50 something, respectively as bramblesgrew thick around thestone walls of their home..

The latter two made me afraid the former two may not be so readily available after coming out.

So I bit my tongue, feigned crushes on pretty girls in school, and went on and on about how gorgeous I thought

Idina Menzel was. (I almost outed myself with that one,

especially because I wouldn't stop talking about her cheekbones.).

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The texture feels really rough on my hands but I

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1) Each USNA education is entirely taxpayer funded. The cost of

sending an officer candidate to a service academy is four to six times

that of sending an officer candidate through NROTC.

While these academies remain the best option for developing future leaders,

each entering candidate should also be treated as a substantial financial investment..

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dildos I'm still friends with my first boyfriend. (We broke up in early August.)

We know that we won't get back together, so it's nothing like that.

I love knowing that I can still be friends with

a person that I was with for so long. As well, getting married

is a pretty huge deal, personally and legally.

It's one of those things where for people of any age, you want to tend to see how a relationship and your adult life go for some time

as in, at least several years before digging in and making

a legal commitment. Given your partner is older than you, he's done that for himself

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the doctor so much. It is not meant to and cannot substitute

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The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or

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You should always consult your own healthcare provider if

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penis pump If there have been laws on the books against domestic violence

for 400 years, it doesn't make sense that we have to pass new laws,

ones which undermine the 14th amendment, to protect women. Also, the violence against women act is not

just about domestic violence. I am much more comfortable with

general anti domestic violence laws than I am with laws

that target only one part of the population. Be civil, and try to maintain an even tone.

We all human beings on the other side of the screen. We can call this the human decency rule.Don respond to someone opening up about having a DB with the assumption that they

their deadbedroom ("Your husband won fuck you cuz you ugly, right?" "Your wife doesn want you because you aren any good in bed!").

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male sex toys That would give you a chance to make your needs around safer sex heard, as well as gauge whether there are any other incorrect notions he has about sex and risk.

For example, you might say that preventing STI and pregnancy

risks is important to you, so you want to make sure

a barrier (like a condom) is used for any activities that pose one or both of those risks, then make sure the two of you

are on the same page about which activities belong in that category.

Does that make sense?. Mastering both was Katrina Lenk, as the sultry owner of the lone

cafe in a dead end Israeli town, who has a brief encounter with a group of marooned Egyptian musicians, led by Tony

Shalhoub. Fortunately, Ms. Lenk is now getting ready to reprise her performance

at the Ethel Barrymore Theater, where the show starts Broadway previews on Oct.

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dog dildo If you're simply annoyed by your friend's

new relationship, though, that's something else. There's a difference between sharing your

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angry. Or you don't like how your friend acts around them, that is valid.

I was pleased with this as well. I was only slightly annoyed with having to adjust the crotch

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store.. Keep out of reach of children. Lubricants are slippery on surfaces clean up spills immediately.

Honey Bear Nature Lovin Lubricants from Nature Labs of Medford, New Jersey.

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Adult Toys Ridiculous! Parents w/ kids w/ peanut allergy should be issued a citation for not feeding their kids enough of the yummy

stuff as babies, to produce anti bodies for it. Instead they want to

throw the books at kids doing what kids do. Instead of a public park, would they perhaps their holmes be directly targeted, by being tp'd?

Even if the kids had used grape jelly, folks would STILL be

equally appauled. For other inquiries, Contact Us. To see

all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. The Sun website is regulated by

the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO).

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fleshlight So can I start shooting dogs too whenever I feel

my dog and 'my family' are threatned? (a former military man and current Federal cop can't handle a 100 pound dog?

Absurd). We have a jack russell, a pit bull was in the park with

his owner (a woman). My husband worked for a while as a vet tech and said to me the pit is going to go after our dog because he was watching the body language, he called to our dog so we could leave and while he was returning he told the owner that her dog was about

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vibrators Clowes can definitely be a downer. In "The Party," he

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Those who have chosen to dance are frozen in absurd positions,

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Anywhere from mild irritate to a full blown yeast infection is possible.

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wholesale sex toys To be clear, the Scouts haven't completely denied that their leadership made such a call.

Might there have been one before they realized the PR crisis

they had on their hands? Sure. Two days later,

July 27, the Scouts issued a fuller effort to distance themselves from Trump's speech.

When used inside the toy it is a little more muffled, but can still be heard through a closed door.

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Perhaps my philosophy may seem negative to some, but I just try and accept what I can and cannot change.

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spotted. However, this could easily fit into a

pocket or a handbag if you wanted to travel with it

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Trey Grayson who, despite being in his 30s, was in his second term

as Kentucky secretary of state was considered a

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most prominent politician, Senate minority leader (now majority leader) Mitch

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Now that we have created the University System,

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The purpose, obviously, is to increase enrollment. We are

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strap on The lubricant on the wipe didn't dry up quickly. As

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adult store I went into her office for an appointment

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adult stores near me Some people try extreme cold or extreme heat to get

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Mr. Paul, who lives in Harlem, is a churchgoing Christian from Westport, Conn.; straight;

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He could not stop running his hands over my body. I was able to wear this outfit during intercourse as well and it remained comfortable even in various positions.

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g spot vibrator The central issue in Breivik's trial was his

sanity. One group of psychiatrists declared him insane, a paranoid schizophrenic who killed while in a psychotic state.

A second group decided that he lacked empathy but understood the meaning and consequences of his actions.

When patients come to see me for this issue, I usually ask whether they fantasize about actors, models or even the pool boy.

If they answer yes, then more than likely it is

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For women, it is hard to turn off the fight you had with

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vibrators (host): "This is great information for those of us who love to write. On reflection, though, I suspect that your answer is partly there, as well. Attitude is important. I encouraged her to try this exercise first with a dry hand, then a wet hand using a personal lubricant. I encouraged her to spend at least 30 minutes a day for three consecutive days. She had a lot of reacquainting to do.. It's been humbling. I am blessed to be surrounded by the people I love. I thank them for their patience and grace.. vibrators

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wholesale sex toys I'm still terrified of sex. The pain. But now it's more emotionally too.. Inside you will see basically two parts, the part which pushes the glue stick into the heating element, and the heating element itself. All we want is the heating element. It is the piece at the tip of the gun, and has red rubber pieces at either end. Modern Love Muse's "The Heart and Heat of Sexual

Education," recently published in SexIs, brought up the furor that ensues whenever sex education crops up in public discussion. Teenage ignorance, it seems, is thought by large sections of alarmed parents to be bliss. Parents, Muse said, need to hold frank, frequent talks with tweens and young adults that communicate parents' sexual values and attitudes.. wholesale sex toys

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cock ring It's much more likely that your body is just adjusting to being off the pill but if you'd like to test for peace of mind, that's always an option."Another world is not only

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me, both the person and the images.I've talked it over

with my boyfriend and two very close friends, who have assured

me I am most likely safe from harm, seeing

as we are very far away from each other. They are most

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feel like people may think I'm foolish or an idiot by getting upset

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a stranger halfway across the world.About Me Get our book!Never doubt that

a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

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penis pump View our online Press Pack. For other inquiries, Contact Us.

To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map.

If you really just have a need for being chased and need the most efficient way to get your fix,

a 650 dual sport bike is the way to go. You can dust

sports cars on the tarmac and hop over curbs and dirt obstacles everywhere else.

No plates and a helmet and you won be touched until you run out of gas..

The two developed what others described as a passionate relationship.

They held hands in public; they went to jazz clubs.

There was the occasional blazing argument such as when Nelson tried to teach Winnie

how to drive but Nelson seemed amused by the young woman's fire, [biographer Emma] Gilbey wrote..

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adult store Some observers believeweak labor rights are why teachers in these states are among the lowest paid.

These states don't require local school districts to bargain collectively with teacher unions and weaker labor rights leave teachers worse off.

If only these states mandated bargaining with the unions, this argument goes, teacher

salaries would be higher and there would be fewer reasons

to strike.. That website (which is a deliberate fake) is beloved by teachers and librarians everywhere because of how well it demonstrates

some common issues with encountering and evaluating information. The first of those is deliberating choosing

misleading or scary sounding terms to refer to

something rather than using words that most people would

be familiar with. You can also mislead with language

by saying things that aren't technical false, but say them in a way that leads

to people to an incorrect understanding of the situation.

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Adult Toys Have you tried doing all your cooking on the weekends?

That's what I do when I have to balance strenuous schoolwork with cooking for myself.

I make a big batch of something on Sunday afternoon,

and eat that for my dinner throughout the week. Not the cup o noodles that have 50% of your saturated fat for the day,

or the Lipton packets that are mostly salt with a few noodles, but the ones that are things like rice and

beans, and lentil soup, and things like that. The places where

we feel heavy, she explains, are often where we hold

in feelings. Instead of doing 200 sit ups

when your stomach seems to be "sticking out," Stone advises that you look to your

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"A heavy feeling may mean there's a buildup of energy or feelings there," says Stone Adult Toys.

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In her book, Amos explains what their departure and their resentment means for the future of the country.

"One of the reasons I wanted to call this book Eclipse of the Sunnis is because I thought that part of the story has been underreported and misunderstood," Amos

says. "They are a testament to how far Iraq still needs to go." She says that majority rule, as it stands in Iraq, is not democracy.

Helloz. I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend,

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animal dildo As Angelina Jolie gets set for shock divorce we take a look at her tangled love life from Billy Bob Thornton's vial of blood to that

lesbian flingNews Group Newspapers Limited in England No.

679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF.

"The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited.

She had so many days (it might have been one month,

but I'm not sure) to change her mind. The adoptive family writes

letters to my friend outlining how her son is doing,

what he likes and dislikes, how much he's grown etc. They also include pictures.

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fleshlight In the end, this is a cautionary tale.

Internet trolls will try anything to get into our metaphorical pants, preying on unmet needs; or in the case of those who

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dildos A healthy blood pressure is 120/80 mm HG.

Previous studies have shown that each increase of 20/10 mm Hg in that number doubles the patient

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Especially if you are shopping for a c ring for your partner to wear, and not yourself.

You always need to ask their preference first.

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Because of our age gap I sort of the stereotypical

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The amendments to the Law on Political Parties make

this a particularly salient question. By sidelining the Cambodia National Rescue Party, along

with dozens of other peripheral parties, elections will become known for nothing more than manipulation, misconduct and a lack of competition. Until now, Cambodia has been a party based regime, with the Cambodian People's Party being preeminent..

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