قُتِل حراكُ المخيمات، لكنّه أحيا فينا شيئاً


" تأملات في العمل النسوي: دعوة للبوح"


أنا و النساء

الحبّ لا يخضع للسلطة

إسلام وخلود*

نسوية في زمن الحراك


في أن نكون عبئاً على اللاحقات

عزَة شرارة بيضون

Shadow Feminism in Lebanon, Part One


Shadow Feminism in Lebanon, Part One

by deema kaedbey

I Intro

Reflections on Queerness in the Arab World: An Interview with Dr. Samar Habib

Before the last decade, all we could focus on – as Arab queers – was looking back to the past, determined to uncover our roots, our trajectories as Arab queers living in the Arab world or in the diaspora. Today, the paradigms are shifting, making us reflect on our present and future, all the while feeding on histories unearthed by the scholars and activists who came before us. Among these scholars is Dr.


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