The Curious Case of Amina Arraf: the Gay Factor

I don’t know who Amina Arraf is, nor have I read her blog as often as many of the people that I know, but the moment that I was informed about her disappearance,

كيف كدت أقتل الممرضة وعامل الصندوق:

لمطر ينهمر في الخارج وأنا بالي مشغول.

Last night I heard the screaming

Last night I heard the screaming

Loud voices behind the wall

Another sleepless night for me


cheek to cheek

in the moist cavity

of another sacrilege

profane twins close

أي فخر في مواكب الفخر؟

مثليون في وطن الفوبيا

تظهر بين الحين والآخر نشاطات في بيروت تسلّط

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