Women's rights

Incompetent or Stranger?

Azadeh Faramarziha


شو بردَا ع بيت اهلا؟

خلال زيارة لإحدى المراكز الاجتماعيّه ، ضمن دوام

Sawt It LOUD

So we’ve been trying to figure out why, after our brief choose-your-own-adventure in the Arab Spring, everything’s gone so quiet in Lebanon.

حكومة El Men’s Club

On living in Lebanon and not looking Lebanese or “clearly” European.

So… last week, I was with my friend from Bangladesh, having returned from a walk together back into the shelter’s living room. A woman I had never seen before, who was staying there, looked at us and smiled. I extended my hand and said, “Hi, how are you, I’m Lioba.”

This is Your State, Your (In)justice. Rebel Against It.

It feels inappropriate to write about this. Somehow, not quite right to make yet another plea, to use words for an issue that should not even be discussed anymore. Least of all in discussion about a right that is as “right” as they come, as basic and uncompromising as they can possibly be. An automatic right, like the reflex to breathe when one is given life. Or when one looks for an identity. An issue that shouldn’t warrant one single debate more, with no words added.


Suha Beshara : Critical Thoughts

Souha Bechara attempted to assassinate Antoine Lahad of the South Lebanon army. He unfortunately survived the assassination, and currently resides in Zionist state of Israel in exile.

Reflections on the logic of things, Lebanese style.

I always wonder how it was decided that women were lesser citizens than men. Did men think that women were doing most of the job in procreation so they decided to be part of the process by making the child their own, legally and socially, as a way to create more balance? And how were women convinced by it? And what about this conflicting idea that sex is taboo and sexual drive is a vulgar instinct but everything in human society is basically decided based on sex, procreation and gender, even things that have nothing to do with genitalia?


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