occupybeirut/احتلال بيروت

ايجار رخيص مع احتمال الموت: بيروت ترحب بك

Li Beirut

We walk along the avenue.

The long large sidewalk encircling the capital promontory on the edge of the sea. It’s a spring afternoon, year 2024. More than a decade has passed since, to an April day. The light is warm, like a halo effect of an old postcard. I had left the city long ago.

I turn to look at the cityscape facing the sea and Beirut suddenly grips me in a flash of heartache.

مانيفستو شخصي

تجربتي مع الحرب الأهلية اللبناني

ولدت عام 1988 اي قبل انتهاء الحرب رسميًا بسنتين.

كل دولة لا تجرِّم كل أنواع الاغتصاب لا يُعوَّل عليها


يوم ضربَنا مصرف لبنان: مبلى في بديل


إعتداء الأمن اللبناني على المعتصمين أمام مصرف لبنان

#Occupyyourbody: Liberate Your Vagina

When I thought about what I would like to occupy in Beirut, what first came to my mind was my vagina, my body in general. As a woman, to society – my family, my surrounding and everybody else – my body does not belong to me. How can you not occupy back your vagina, your propriety and a part of your body, while according to society, there are rules and taboos that stand between you and operating it, as you please? It’s like owning a car and yet you cannot drive it.


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