٦٠ جريمة إغتصاب في لبنان والدولة في خبر كان

غدا، نهار حرب أهلية عادي ولا اقفال للمدارس والجامعات

مقدمة : الانفجار

Teta’s Songs

Nazareth- Palestine

week three :: production roles

we are all collaborating in groups on projects for the remaining days of the workshop. since we have to plan + schedule it helps to have an idea of what roles each of us will play on the project. here is a breakdown of some production roles and generally what each does during pre-production, production, post production and distribution… feel free to add duties as you gain experience in each phase of production.

نصائح سعادة في زمن التشبيح


س. أ. غ

الى ( د. ق.ب و ه.ع ول.ل.)

Arab Feminist Knowledge Production Meeting

July 27-31– Beirut Lebanon

What are we calling for exactly?

Young women activist, writers and feminists have been setting up alternative electronic media websites/blogs  to provide more critical coverage and point of views on various issues in the Arab region, from gender issues, Islamophobia, Palestinian Israeli conflict including the recent uprisings in the region.

اللقاء العربي النسوي لإنتاج المعرفة

يوليو ٢٧-٣١ بيروت- لبنان

لماذا ندعوكن الى هذا اللقاء؟

تقوم ناشطات شابات وكاتبات ونسويات عربيات بخلق الاعلام الكتروني بديل لهن وذلك من خلال المواقع الالكترونية والمدوّنات التي تساهم في خلال تغطية نقدية للعديد من الاحداث والاوضاع المتعلقة بالجندر والاسلاموفوبيا والصراع الاسرائيلي الفلسطيني و الجنسانية والدين والثورات والتغيرات السياسية التي تعصف بالمنطقة.

Reflections on Queerness in the Arab World: An Interview with Dr. Samar Habib

Before the last decade, all we could focus on – as Arab queers – was looking back to the past, determined to uncover our roots, our trajectories as Arab queers living in the Arab world or in the diaspora. Today, the paradigms are shifting, making us reflect on our present and future, all the while feeding on histories unearthed by the scholars and activists who came before us. Among these scholars is Dr.


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