عائلتي تكره النساء أو ما هي المرأة؟

مات عمّي. ذهبت في الصباح الباكر إلى المستشفى لأراه للمرة الأخيرة. كان الرجال متجمّعون في ناحية، خارج المغسل، وزوجته تجلس بعيدا في الكافيتيريا.

كيف مرقوا ٢٠ سنة من عمري

قلي إن هو من الجامعة اليسوعية عام يدرس طب وعم

march against rape

Teta Sabra and Falasteen: this is a randomly generated history

Teta Sabra

Brainstorming Nakba

At curious four I asked my mother why Superman did not speak the same language I did

She told me that

Our cartoon hero is a little boy forever ten

His hands clasped behind his back, invisible handcuffs

She told me I had to learn another alphabet, another geography,

In the Big Yellow Atlas, for kids, full of pictures

Don't Buy Me a Flower

The service driver seemed unbothered by the outrageous traffic jam. The heat was unbearable and the car’s engine had been humming impatiently. In that afternoon everything seemed in a desperate need to cool down.


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