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On Sexual Harassment: No Rainbows here

This morning something extraordinary happened: I experienced genuine happiness! Wait, wait, this is not a I-lay-in-my-bed-and-the-sun-came-shining-through-the-windows-story. This is a I-got-harassed-by-a-12-year-old-and-flipped-him-off-story.

Diary of a feminist: 18/05/2010r

My coworker is a sexist guy. He thinks that women can’t drive because they can’t focus. “It’s in their genes” he explained to me. He later told me about his “scientific” theory that explains what it is in women’s vision that doesn’t allow them to focus on the road ahead. He also said that when we go back to the basics men are stronger- that’s just the way it is- and this is why men are superior.

كيف كدت أقتل الممرضة وعامل الصندوق:

لمطر ينهمر في الخارج وأنا بالي مشغول.

I Want My Colors Back

Remember the days when colors belonged to us all?

لكم أجسادكم ولي جسدي

Addendum: Get the Breast

من وحي الاعلان:

“they will make you, love your self”

Next to Charles El Helou station, a Billboard that can be seen from the high way going to Dawora. According to this bill board, the cosmetic Institute will make women love them selves. This is how symbolic violence works, it shakes the foundation of self esteem.


Lebanese company, Kalastios International, produces (another) 100% natural slimming capsule. And they call it “Starvex” which is a shameless way of saying: “Stay healthy by starving yourself.” Seriously, we have crossed all boundaries of shame when it comes to dieting in Lebanon. My friend Ran thinks they mean to say “ex-starving, i.e. you don’t need to starve yourself anymore..

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