Egyptian Revolution الثورة المصرية الشعبية

The Revolution is Being Televised on Aljazeera

There is a terrible silence that fills the space around me when the voice of Ayman Mohyeldin stops, as i notice that my internet connection has broken and the web streaming of Aljazeera has yet again been interrupted. The constant soundtrack to my January school days in this cold Ohio city.

عن الثورة الشعبية في مصر : يا ريس صحى النوم،النهاردة أخر يوم

انا مش عايزة أتفلسف، انا عايزة أتكلم ببساطة وبالعامية

Breakdown: US Aid to Egypt

In the aftermath of Egypt’s crackdown on protesters since the revolution began on January 25, 2011, Washington has announced it is reviewing its aid package to the country. Egypt receives close to $2bn in financial assistance every year, making it the second largest recipient of US foreign assistance after Israel.

On “how come People in Egypt and Tunisia are ‘surprising us’?

From the heaviness of an uneventful cold day in the city of Toronto I sit, shifting from my bed to my desk, watching/reading about the revolutions in both Egypt and Tunisia. I n those moments, I cannot but feel the heat of people’s enthusiasm for an honorable life, sometimes through the threat of death and others through death itself.


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