Gender-based violence

The psychic wounds of sexual violence: Digging for Syrian victims in UNHCR's registration interview

Lamia Moghnieh



What happened to you?” asked the psychologist

“They raped me” Said the UNHCR male registration officer in a soft and exaggerated feminine voice, and everyone started laughing. 

Me and a Gun #Jan14

In Tori Amos’ autobiographical song about surviving rape (“Me and a Gun” from her first album, Little Earthquakes, 1992), Tori talks abouther choice to wear a “slinky red thing,” and how women's susceptibility to rape is commonly perceived to have something to do with the way they dress or the places they frequent.

On Why We Are Demonstrating

I read an infuriating article today, a blog post that was so patronizing it made me feel sick to the stomach. The writer referred to our action as “delusional” and while he deemed our struggle as “righteous”, he did not see it going anywhere for the moment. But Behold! For his was kind enough to provide us with an alternative solution, with other priorities and other actions.

On living in Lebanon and not looking Lebanese or “clearly” European.

So… last week, I was with my friend from Bangladesh, having returned from a walk together back into the shelter’s living room. A woman I had never seen before, who was staying there, looked at us and smiled. I extended my hand and said, “Hi, how are you, I’m Lioba.”

Mamnou3 el mourour! Just Another Day on the Streets of Beirut

Sometimes I feel so confused, I’m under the illusion that I have to choose.

عن وضع العاملات يلي جايين من القمر

Fair and Lovely: Racism in a Product

A few years ago, back when I was a teenager, I was walking in one of those beauty product exhibitions, and a man jumped out of nowhere, telling me that he has a product that can whiten my skin color! It was summer, and I was really happy with my dark tan. I told him to bug off because I love my color and I am going to keep it for good, so no thank you. I was about 12 and after that I don’t remember encountering any stupid invention as such until…. well, few days ago!

Must Be A Friend

I am guilty. I admit it. I am guilty of doing something I encourage others not to do. I am guilty of remaining silent. Until today.

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