Mental Health Advocacy in Lebanon: Fighting Stigma Without Providing Access

If you look up the work of leading NGOs on mental health in Lebanon today, you will come across numerous awareness campaigns centered around fighting the stigma on mental illness.

A Political Economy of Mental Health: Stories and (Un)Related Facts

This article is a sequence of vignettes. Each vignette emphasizes one specific idea and can be understood on its own but is also part of something bigger than itself.


The second half of the 19th Century was difficult for the Sick Man of Europe.

Reflections on Suicide Reporting in Online Lebanese Media


Things to Avoid in 2017

1- Overthinking 2016: it will be gone. It’s not coming back. Yes, you’ve done things that were bad, you’ve found yourself in drama, you've witnessed a lot of injustice and violence, you felt like the whole world is falling apart. bas that was that. Another year is about to unfold, most likely it will not be much better, but at least 2016 is not coming back.


عن اشتياقي لكل ما هو طازج


مقدمة لا بدّ منها

بيت مخابرات سوري في بربور (1995-2016)


بيت مخابرات صغير

Apology letter to the little girl I used to be

Have you ever thought, how everything in life, every choice and every consequence leads you to a certain path, that could have been entirely different from the life you lead now? I see it as a game of connected dots, a puzzle that you struggle to solve, every piece directing you to the next, I came here to search for myself, for the fragments of me lost over time, and little did I know that I was sent here for an entirely different purpose.

هذه جرائمهم، فليخجلوا هم بها



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