بلا عنوان

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وسيلة نقل مختلفة، التحرش نفسه

“هل جلبته لنفسي؟” الإلتباس في الاغتصاب

“Did I have it coming?”—Ambiguity in Rape

Yes, I have been raped. For me, the hardest part about it was not the trauma that resulted from being sexually violated. It was the ambiguity regarding the act especially that it was from someone I knew and cared about.  I constantly asked myself: did I have it coming? Did I deserve it? Did I lead him on? Should I have enjoyed it instead of feeling so much pain?

بين الصبر والغضب

فلماذا لا نزال نصبر، هل جثثنا هي حدود صبرنا؟

Anger: The Sign That We Are Still Here

I would have never thought I would be sitting down and recounting a particularly painful event that happened in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support and love from folx around the world but in particular, people who have helped me emotionally during this past year, a small co-operative somewhere in the world, you know who you are. The immense support and love that I receive everyday warms my heart. Love and solidarity to you all.

في مقاومة البالي


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