Workshop Calendar :: June 17 to July 17, 2010

This is a general schedule of our activities during the workshop.

week one :: camera workshop + public service announcements

great work everyone.

in just two sessions we’ve made videos together!

in our first session we introduced ourselves and our goals and expectations for the workshop. we also began developing a common language for reading images by watching Public Service Announcements.

عن حركات “فنجان القهوة”

منذ عقود، اعتادت اللبنانيات واللبنانيون على نمط واحد من الحركات المدافعة عن حقوق المرأة (الحركات النسائية) وهي: حركات فناجين القهوة. شو يعني؟

Mona Hatoum — screening

I highly recommend this screening. Mona Hatoum’s Video letter and Chantal Ackerman’s Film. Maybe they will give you inspiration for your future projects.


LETTERS – video screening

Wednesday June 30, 2010 at 8pm

Documentation of the Video workshop

We will have weekly update of the video workshop organized by Sawt. We will post resources, videos and how are we doing :) 

الأقلية مش عيب ولكن

بسياق برنامج تبادل ثقافي شاركتفيه بالسويد، زرنا مركز إبن 

New Song Counters Sexist Pop in Lebanon

In the Shadows of the White, White West

Sometimes it takes a dream to show you how you feel.


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