Women like to F(l)AKE it.

Another billboard in the same area. This is a chocolate Advertisement, this is a WOMAN eating a bar of chocolate. Please write down in the comments, what kind of a message you think this Advertisement is telling you.

ملاحظات على : ملاحظات في القضايا النسوية

لماذا قابلنا اسعد؟

ردّ على مقالة مودي بيطار الخارقة

مثليون في وطن الفوبيا

تظهر بين الحين والآخر نشاطات في بيروت تسلّط

‘The day we put on our masks’

Some student at AUB organized a direct action to counter the visit of the richest man in world to their campus. Yasmin, a feminist activist and an active students who participated in the action wrote to Sawtalniswa, explaining what exactly happened.

“they will make you, love your self”

Next to Charles El Helou station, a Billboard that can be seen from the high way going to Dawora. According to this bill board, the cosmetic Institute will make women love them selves. This is how symbolic violence works, it shakes the foundation of self esteem.


Lebanese company, Kalastios International, produces (another) 100% natural slimming capsule. And they call it “Starvex” which is a shameless way of saying: “Stay healthy by starving yourself.” Seriously, we have crossed all boundaries of shame when it comes to dieting in Lebanon. My friend Ran thinks they mean to say “ex-starving, i.e. you don’t need to starve yourself anymore..

النسويّة العربيّة: أين الخطأ؟

نشرت جريدة «الأخبار» في عدد الأربعاء ١٧ آذار ٢٠١٠ مقالتين


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