A Call for Submissions: Palestinian Fairies Project

Share and exchange stories of Palestine and womenhood

Sawt Al Niswa is launching a new page that seeks to explore the intersections between Palestine and Womanhood. We’re looking for all sorts of submissions, written and otherwise ( film, poetry, photography, and music etc.), to express your reflections and experiences in this area.

There are a lot of different angles that you can approach this from; we’re looking to add more richness to the subject of Palestine Woman-ness by collecting a diversity of ideas, approaches and artistic interpretations. Some ideas for topics include: Palestinian Women Oral History, BDS and feminism, Women and Resistance… there are plenty of interesting and unique ideas in our heads about this subject, because all of us here in one way or another have experienced it in intense ways. We just need to develop these ideas so that others can see, hear or read them and we can make some fairies magic ;)

Writings can be submitted in Arabic, English or French.

Submissions should be sent to tamara@sawtalniswa.com or editor@sawtalniswa.com. Please drop us an email if you’d like to have a conversation about this. Perhaps you have some thoughts as to how we should go about the project, feel something tickling in your gut when you hear about these two issues being patched together and you want to talk about it, questions about submissions etc…

Find the official description of the Palestinian Fairies Project here


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